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Stable Minds sessions are designed to accommodate participants four years old and up. No prior horse experience is necessary. For participants new to horses, our first session will start with a safety overview to help you feel comfortable around the farm. For the more experienced rider, we will jump right into working hands-on with the horses!

Sessions are not weather-dependent. In the event of inclement weather, our session will take place in our indoor riding arena. If you don't see what you're looking for in our Sessions below, please contact us to build a custom private or group package!

private sessions

group sessions

Unmounted Meditation

If you are uncomfortable mounting a horse, not to worry! Let me help you get comfortable around horses and introduce you to the inner calm they can bring. The same benefits of a mounted ride while walking alongside the horse and feeling its movement from the ground. This session includes grooming, stretching, horsemanship, and guided meditation.


60 minutes

ages 10+

Mounted meditation

Let the rhythmic movement of your horse facilitate a more relaxed state, giving you the opportunity to observe your thoughts and feelings, and learn to rest in the here and now. In this session, you will have the opportunity to stretch, groom, tack, and ride in a safe environment during a guided meditation.


60 minutes

ages 10+

Huber Woods forest bathing ride

For the more secure rider that has experience or has taken the indoor sessions. This session starts with a guided indoor meditation, which is then expanded during a quiet reflective trail walk through the beautiful Huber Woods.


Two hours


Confidence building package

If you are new to riding, build your confidence from the ground up!

Session 1 is unmounted (1 hour)
Session 2 is mounted (1 hour)
Session 3 is forest bathing (2 hours)


three session package

Mindful Horsemanship for kids

This program is about developing a deeper, safer, and mindful relationship with horses through grooming, tacking, horsemanship, and riding.

Through mindful horsemanship, our participants develop life skills that will be applied in their home and school lives, such as problem-solving, honesty, empathy, self-confidence, and independence.


60 minutes

ages 10+

Group Sessions

Group Pasture Meditation

groups of 6 or more

90 minute sessions

Ages 18+

$40 per participtant

This group practice provides participants with a structure that promotes self-exploration in an empathetic and supportive atmosphere; an adventure that will spark your aliveness and lead you to the joy of your deepest purpose. Being in nature is one of the most blessed resources we have.

There is sacredness within meditation circles to sit in nature and reflect, to listen, to be in community, grounded, at one with all of life in the presence of a highly intuitive herd of horses.

This experience is deeply restorative and helps us recharge our senses, wisdom and inner guidance.

Mindful Equine team building

Take the reins on life and learn how to work together, build trust, connect and communicate.
Great for small office groups, classmates, or groups of friends.

*Pricing upon request

6 participtants

two hours

Family day Roundup

Are you looking for something completely different and fun to do with your family? Do you struggle to compete with all the TV and video games? Let the horses guide you in working on communication skills, trust between siblings and parents, and finding respect for oneself and others.

Join us for horseplay and learn what makes your family tick. We customize a unique horse experience for you based on your family's objectives. Best of all, we deliver it in a unique and unforgettable way, using our horses as guides.

Price upon request

two hours

Date night Giddy-up

Couples who play together, stay together! Choose our unique horse experience for your next Date Night and spend a fun evening with your partner and our horses!

Our couples' sessions focus on communication, trust and keeping the spark alive through fun problem solving exercises with our horses.

price upon request

90 minutes

Ladies horsing Around

Join us for an evening of horseplay! There is nothing like the bond that develops between women and horses. It’s an experience and a connection like no other, and the horses teach us so much in the process.

Each month we will have a new and exciting exercise that will have you working with our horses through obstacles and problem-solving exercises that will build on the last, promoting learning, self- discovery, and a unique ‘girls night’ horse experience you won’t forget!

*Price upon request

6 participants max

one-two hours

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