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Private Sessions: Our sessions are fully customizable, and may include a mix of grooming to connect with your equine partner, unmounted guided meditation in the pasture, or a guided meditative trail ride through Huber Woods. 

Group Sessions: We offer a range of unique group activities, such as family and corporate team building, Ladies Night Out, Date Night with your partner, and children's group sessions. 

At Stable Minds we are committed to guiding adults and children to finding their own unique and incredible experiences through our horses. From the stressful hustle and bustle of everyday life, to recovering from a traumatic event, every adult, teenager and child may find peace amongst the trees and astride our horses.

Whether you are an experienced rider or have never interacted with horses, our broad range of sessions and packages will accommodate any age or skill level.

Meditation + Mindfulness + Nature

Here's how we can help you:

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Benefits of Meditation with Horses


Stress and psychological distress

Anxiety, depression, worry, and rumination

Aggression and problem behaviors in children

Symptoms of burnout in employees

Increased & enhanced:

Mental health and functioning

Emotion regulation, self-control, and resilience

Academic achievement in students through improved focus and attention 

Social and relational skills

Ability to cope with bullying


Why meditate with Horses?

Horses are extremely sensitive animals, and they realize and understand when we use our breathing to communicate with them. When we meditate and slow down our breath to a steady rate, we can calm down our judgmental minds and find ourselves at peace with the present moment. It's here that we can then experience the magic of the horses responding to us. That’s when they tune into our mindful energy, and a connection is created.

By sharing this meditation time and doing nothing but focusing on the here and the now, we open the door to mutual deep connection and understanding. Meditation with horses helps us to become centered, have a clear mind, and become focused, where worries and concerns fall away.

Starting your Meditative Journey

Horses truly are tuned into energy and emotion. They help us create healing and calming vibrations and support us on our path to find peace in the present moment. The more we can shift into a state of stillness and the more we can just 'be', the more we can see the animals relax and draw closer to us. By meditating with animals we deepen our capacity for compassion, which we can spread and share with others.

Every Meditation with Horses experience is unique and incredibly special, as we have the opportunity to feel more deeply, and learn something new about ourselves and the animals. Animals teach us to love unconditionally, and meditating with horses allows the space for us to open our hearts and tap into that beautiful energy.

Get to know Stable Minds founder & guide, Carol

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I was one of those little girls who were obsessed with everything horse-related. I joined 4H, took riding lessons, and competed on the show circuit. The horse barn was my happy place.

I drifted away during decades focused on building a business and raising a family. Eventually, I realized something was missing. During some soul searching, I thought back to what brought me joy before I was consumed by life’s responsibilities. Horses of course!

I bought a couple of horses and started to learn the skills of western dressage, going on to rank 9th in the Western Dressage World Show. Simultaneously, I was studying mindfulness and meditation techniques through UMASS. It became clear to me that spending time around horses had much more to offer than competition and medals.

Through volunteering with the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association – a non-profit organization that explores the connection between mental health and equine professionals - I witnessed the profound impact meditation with horses had on the veterans with PTSD.

I became a certified equine professional through Natural Lifemanship – a program using neurodevelopmental research and trauma-informed mental health practices to bring about healing and transformation through connecting with horses.

Currently, I live in Atlantic Highlands, NJ with my family, right around the corner from the farm where I hold my sessions. Whether you are looking to develop meditation skills or or just seeking a lovely experience connecting with horses and nature, I am honored to be your guide.

Meet the Horses


Flo Jo

Sly is a 14 year old registered Quarter Horse. We call him “Sly'', not because he is sneaky - he is a thinker! He has a broad chest, and under it, the biggest heart. Last year after our World Show competition, he fell ill. It was a long, tough battle, but he doggedly worked through the pain to build his muscles back and to become an amazing athlete once again. Sly would run to the end of the earth and back if you asked him to - his loyalty and devotion are inspiring.

Flo Jo is a 23 year old American Quarter Horse. She was named after the American track and field olympian Florence Griffith Joyner. She is highly intelligent and intuitive. She always seems to understand who is on her back or alongside her, and what they need from her. Flo Jo is a loyal gal and is always listening to what you and your body have to say. No matter what, she doesn't judge, she just loves you! She adores being brushed or pampered in any way. 

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