At Stable Minds, our programs offer different ways to quiet one's mind, as alternatives to seated meditation. Sessions range from meditative trail rides, to unmounted pasture meditation. Our program is founded on the belief that through working with horses and our own breath, in nature, that we can encourage a sense of total well-being and a heightened awareness of our surroundings. 

It is our hope and goal that the benefits of this type of work will provide tools for our clients to draw upon after they leave these sessions in order to live a more balanced and peaceful life.

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Being in nature is one of the most blessed resources we have

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Whether you have horse experience or are looking for a safe introduction to horses, our mounted and unmounted private sessions are relaxing for any ability.

Book a session with your family or employees for a unique team building experience, or get your girlfriends or significant other together for a fun night out on the farm.

Take time to quiet your mind and join us for a relaxing, outdoor guided meditation amongst our calm herd of horses.

Hi, i'm Carol

Horses have always been an important part of my life. After growing up in 4H, I went on to rank 9th in the world in Western Dressage. However, I've always felt horses have more to offer than competitions and results.

Through volunteering with organizations like EGALA, I saw the profound impact meditation and silent connection with horses had on veterans struggling with PTSD. I continued down the path of becoming an Equine Professional through Natural Lifemanship, helping individuals form connected, trusted relationships and overcome toxic stress and trauma. 

The Road to Stable Minds

After a family member experienced a tragedy resulting in anxiety, I saw first hand how meditation was one of the keys to their success in settling their anxious mind and body. Creating space in your mind to allow it to just be can bring many changes to your life. I wanted to try to achieve the benefits of meditation, however I was not enjoying just sitting. This inspired me to try meditating with the rythmic movement of a horses to help with the settling of the mind. I took a course from Natural Lifemanship on Equine Assisted Trauma-Based Therapy, and Stable Minds was born.

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